Monday, 21 January 2013

4 weeks old ;) and zuper nize !!

Zahiir al Peerrara.

Zezamba al Peerrara.

Zezamba al Peerrara

 Zezamba al Peerrara

Wat iz burried here ??!!

Zaphiira al Peerrara.

Don't mezz with me !!

Zaphiira al Peerrara.

Zaphiira & Zafraan.

Tired of all this photo-nonsens... I'm leaving !!


Zaphiira.... ok , so my jacket is too big... so what !!

Zahraan al Peerrara ( also called male no 2 ;)

A tight squeese ;)

Zafraan al Peerrara.

Zahraan al Peerrara.

Zahraan & Zezamba,... partners in crime !

Tjobing - I'm off !!

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